Just received a response to my confirmatory application. EC Secretariat General found refusal of (even partial) access as „well-founded”, because „requested documents are indeed covered in their entirety by the invoked exceptions to the right of public access”. Read all here: SWIETLIK-2014-4883-signed

Am not a lunatic, am not a hater, I just want to know what kind of deal European Commission is negotiating because it will affect my, my kids and millions of other people life for next 50 years. I wonder also what approach to  EC proposals has my government. That’s why I asked both EC and Polish authorities for access to correspondence between them on #CETA and #TTIP issues. And they refuse me several times because of  -as we hear –  US government that strongly demanded complete secrecy of negotiations. Am not sure what about Canada :/

You can find my requests to EC and their refusal here first one (am using very cool asktheeu.org website by Access!nfo coalition) and here second one. I strongly encourage citizens of other Member States to ask same questions :)

My correspondence with Polish Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Economy is in Polish only but you can find out more about it here and here.

Recently I submitted a confirmatory application both to EC and to Polish Administrative Court (for a Minister of Economy).


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