FBI most wanted

USA really cares about privacy issues so no one should be surprised that young programmer who made Lover Spy malware is on the top of FBI most wanted criminals. His program masquerading as a greeting card enable buyers to review e-mails of unfaithful partners. It’s  been 7 years since FBI started to looking for him. „These are sophisticated folks who know how to hide themselves on the internet,” said BBC John Brown, who oversees the FBI’s cyber-division.

Gen Alexander, we all know you are very sophisticated folk so it’s time to hide somewhere in the Web.

More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24868420


Inside the mind of general alexander

If you wonder what kind of people are those guys who listening all our life just in case, those photos revealed by i.a. The Guardian can help. Shortly speaking, Peter Pan with all the power in the world and Daddy’s credit card. Please note that all USA’s links to presentation of General Alexander Star Trek-like head quarter don’t work anymore.