Copyright consultations: education & colonialism

European Commission asked (in question no. 45) about our proposals concerning educational „exceptions”. This is my answer:

Copyright law shouldn’t ever limit the right to education. The Internet has created a tremendous opportunity for making available the knowledge, once available only for  a few, to billions of children around the world. The economic interests of a small portion of the inhabitants of the richest regions of the world can not justify missing this chance. European politicians should understand its role as guarantors of social justice, they were given a unique opportunity to repay a moral debt to communities harmed by the 500 years of colonialism. In addition to financial support,  full access to knowledge and education give such a chance. Such an approach would be also, of course, beneficial for the residents and of Europe. Any use of works related to education (the purpose of which is education) should therefore be permitted,  only commercial operators should obligatory share their profits with authors. Public institutions should support all forms of education on-line as a cheap and easily available way of teaching.


Copyright law should stand on the side of citizens, not big corporations //interview//

Copyright law should stand on the side of citizens, not big corporations

The link above is to an interview we (me and Pawel Stankiewicz) gave about copyright consultations for Polish newspaper. We spoke about general problem with this law and debate – nobody shares citizens perspective. And business just doesn’t care for our liberties.

BTW do you think that it should be treated as an infringement of copyright that I put a link to copyrighted material without asking rightsholder for permission?

Consultation platform in Polish:

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Searching freedom in the Internet – copyright and privacy issues

Meeting on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the protests against ACTA, which took place yesterday in Cracow (Poland). Together with progressive copyright legal thinker Konrad Gliscinski (PhD candidate from Jagiellonian University) we talked about international trade agreements „type ACTA”, European consultation about copyright and how right to culture is connected to the right to privacy. As it turns out it is the copyright that is an obstacle to the legalization of safe (because ensuring anonymity) P2P file sharing network. As I pointed out copyright law leads to enforce payment or registration as a condition of lawful access to cultural works on the Web, depriving us of our privacy by just taking away our personal data or information about our activity on the Internet.

Copyright is such a fun!

Future of copyright law. European consultation – let’s do it together!


Today we’ve launched website dedicated to European consultation about copyright issues in cyberspace. We chose 12 most important questions and added some hints to make more clear what was on EC mind. I’m very proud of our team work, hope we manage to make this boring stuff as attractive as possible. Hope you find it helpful, and even if no that you do your job :)

///It’s in Polish but as a part of broader initiative we’re  working on English too, I’ll let know asap.///

//And photo, what can I say, we work very hard for several days on this document, our brains are a little devastated.//