I’m political anthropologist but recently started my adventure with digital rights /and subjects/ and find it very engaging. I edited Polish edition of <3Eben Moglen <3 texts and wrote the introduction to it. It’s kind of my credo:

„Do you remember the story about Johnny who after years of service gets a gold bar from his employer  and move the way back home? During the trip, he meets people who urge him to exchange the gold per cow, than cow per piglet and piglet per goose and so on. And finally he has only an ordinary stone and … conviction that he had done a great deal.
Well, it’s a story about us and how we, as a society, gave up our chance for freedom and social justice that we could have achieved because of  the development of new forms of communication. We gave it away in exchange for a false sense of security and a little bit more comfort. So today we countenance to be spied. We countenance to be manipulated by people who’re using marketing tricks and data about our activities on the Web. We are profiled  and we accept the fact that we are allowed to see only carefully filtered information.We pay for the music that we can not share with friends, although we have the right to do so under the ‚private fair use’. We accept the fact that culture and knowledge, commons, developed over thousands of years, have become commodities, which are available only for those who have money.
In a world dominated by the ideology of intellectual property positive human impulses – as the desire to acquire knowledge, the need for sharing and for creative expression – are portrayed as anti-social activities, illegal and harmful to the social development which was reduced only to the economic growth.”
OK, but why blogging – recently I realize that I talk too much while write not enough. And my English needs a lot of practice too.
I publish under CC BY SA license


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