Kitchen blades and other makeshift weapons

It’s a springtime, time for changes and face lifting. I’m in quite revolutionary mood  (ennui disappeared with the snows of yesteryear), so, please, welcome, women marching on Versailles :)


„On the morning of 5 October 1789, a young woman struck a marching drum at the edge of a group of market-women who were infuriated by the chronic shortage and high price of bread. From their starting point in the markets the angry women forced a nearby church to toll its bells.Their numbers continued to grow and with restless energy the group began to march. More women from other nearby marketplaces joined in, many bearing kitchen blades and other makeshift weapons” wikipedia says. They reached the royal palace and compelled the king, his family and notables to return to Paris. This march was as meaningful as better known assault on the Bastille. Anyway, those women will be great patrons, or rather matrons, of Breadboard Society, initiative which is also about revival!



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