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While patiently waiting for the TRADE answer I asked Polish authorities few questions about TTIP. I started from Ministry of Economy (’cause I knew that this is the ministry that conducts TTIP’s related works ). I ask about Polish  position regarding to intellectual property rights (IPR). Last week I received very polite answer with that position:

Currently Polish positions on IPR is as follows: What is important for Poland it is the sensitivity to issues relating to the protection of intellectual property, in particular in the digital environment in the perspective of the rights and duties of citizens. Poland approvingly refers to exemption of criminal sanctions from agreement, which has been provided in the mandate. Agreement should not also contain provisions on intellectual property law not directly related to its trade  aspects, nor aimed at the liberalization of trade

/for Polish see attachment below/

I was also informed that this position was prepared not by ME itself but by other gov institutions, i.a. Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MKiDN).

It seemed to me quite vague so I’d like to ask an author what does it mean. So I asked MKiDN who from ministry has been working on that statement. I assumed that some other people/organizations could had access to those works so also asked about their names.

How surprised I was (OK, I would if not read CEE authors like Kafka or Gogol before) when MKiDN that allegedly prepared the above position, informed me today that they have never seen any proposals of  TTIP.  Moreover I did not get a response to my question  who works on these issues, because the Ministry of Culture sent me back to the Ministry of Economy, as the only ministry that deals with TTIP. I did not get a reply to my  question whether there will be any broader consultations. But the statutory deadline for responses has not yet expired, so I remain in hope.

Oh and only plus is that now I know that the Ministry of Culture’s asking form is running.

Stay tuned!

Ministry of Economy’s answer

Ministry of Culture’s answer


/// quick update///

I just read info that „as part of its ongoing efforts to make its negotiations with the US the most open and transparent trade talks to date, the European Commission today launches a public consultation on investor protection and investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).”

Would it be too much if EC asks once about citizens protection instead of investors/rightsholders/intermediaries?



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