re:publica#14 „Future scenarios of culture’s circulation” World Premiere!

My submission for re:bublica14 has been accepted so I will have a chance to present super interesting project I was working on last year.

I want to present results of the study „Future scenarios of culture’s circulation in  Europe in 2043” conducted by Modern Poland Foundation  – it will be our premiere presentation!


It  will be four scenarios of  possible changes in creating, using and sharing of cultural works in 30 years perspective.  In collaboration with experts (social science researchers, economists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, programmers)  we choose the European cultural policy and the role of intermediary business as a main factors that will shape the future of culture’s circuits (we were focused especially on digital ones). Then we built upon it  four possible scenarios and did  assessment of their impact on the society,  culture, education,  creative industries and the copyright  system.  Now we are working on final report and cool website to present our research output.

We did this research because we are convinced  that there is a serious public interest in  studies that explore  ethical, economical and sociological perspectives  over copyright  issues. Especially that impact of copyright law on our possibilities of realization the basic needs and universal freedoms of citizens seems to increase. We also want to influence public debate about copyright and so called piracy moving it from highly emotional level (owners vs. thieves) to constructive and practical discourse. This is one of the main goals of the „Right to culture” project carried out by our Foundation from 2012.

If you ever wonder what will be the future of culture in Europe you should see this.



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