Managers of 21st century: break the stick, eat the carrot, let people act autonomously

During last decades automatic simple work done  by western white collars was outsourced either to computer (it works faster) or to workers from other countries (it’s cheaper). Now they have to do more creative tasks. How it works with old-school incentive system known as stick and carrot? Not so good. As a lot of economics studies proved this kind of motivation not only doesn’t help but also makes things worse. People motivated by easy correlation „if you do this – you will get those” are too focused and narrow thinking to innovate. To innovate people had to have autonomy, mastery and purpose – those are conditions that enable them to work more efficient. For the management of organization autonomy means for example less (or even lack) of employer’s control. Workers should be allowed to do what they consider as important for them, what gives them opportunity to self-development and what they believe in. ///This is just short summary, watch full presentation by Daniel Pink, get inspired :)

Please notice that this refutes all this „financial incentive theories” which are supposed to justified copyright law. Once again it is shown that creativity is not correlated with simple reward/punishment system.



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