Protest movements: the practices of freedom on the Internet and on the streets – a year after the STOP ACTA.

I’m quite busy recently because of the conference I co-organize. It is about: Protest Movements: the Practices of Freedom on the Internet and on the Streets – a Year after the STOP ACTA

The questions we ask are: What is identity around which protests were organized? What languages ​​appeared during the protest and what practices? What values ​​were considered as endangered? How the collectivity were implemented? What role in the organization of the community and the protests themselves play the Net and social media? Are there common features of various protest movements in Poland, or the resemblance is only superficial?

The Conference is day after tomorrow, so everything is almost done (including this fantastic poster by Joanna Koziej), but my presentation is still not ready.



More: & (programme in English)



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