there are three things that tyranny is fear of: philosophy, gymnastics and love

In Plato’s Symposion Pausanias said that there are three things that tyranny is fear of: philosophy, gymnastics and love. What scares every regime dedicated to hold its position is the appealing power of the freedom and the abilities that can help people to achieve it.

Philosophy represents the power of human mind that can dreams about the better world. Philosophy can help people to express their frustration, it can wording goals and encourage people to fight for their own welfare. Gymnastics is about physical power that can be used against soldiers of tyranny. And love is a power that can bring people together and persuade them to do incredible things for people they care.

Now, after 2500 years we still have the same allies in fight against the same tyranny. Thinkers help us to communicate, love give us the courage. Of course in digital era we don’t need muscles (OK, maybe we need it but I just hate any other physical activity than physiological ;) )but still we need to have something to resist against overwhelming power of enemies of freedom. One of such “weapon”, without which we won’t be able to execute other liberties – like the freedom of speech, the right to information, the right to control the authorities, to the secrecy of correspondence etc. – is an encryption. That’s why it is very important to keep the right to use it, to develop the software and to promote the idea of using encryption in everyday communication.



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