#privacy #hope

Even these days, when line between private and public is so liquid, each of us has something… no, not to hide, but just not to show everybody on this planet. How do you like the idea that your boss read your mail that you sent to other person? Not very nice, isn’t it? What if your husband read what you wrote to your BF when you were angry at him? And sms you’ve sent 2 years ago to your co-worker late at night from bathroom, when your fiancée was cooking dinner for you (and now you don’t even remember what you’ve seen in this jerk)? Or if someone say your BF that you told to three persons about her affair, even though you promised that never ever… And if your kid’s teacher see all the correspondence about him that you and other parents had last month? And this little tax swindle you made 4 years ago – what if tax office knew about it?
We all have something – some ideas, photos, gossips, dreams, fantasies – that we gladly share with people we trust but we don’t want to reveal them to strangers. But someone just did it. They took our e-mails, chats, photos we’ve share with friends in social networks, phone calls, and put them to archives. Here they are, ready to be read by one of thousands use gov employees, just when they feel like. And if we know something about usa security systems, they are not safe there. Each day they can be hacked by some skilled teenager and opened for ever (there is no way to remove permanently something what was once downloaded to the Net). Just think about it, Chelsea Manning was just a private when she downloaded on simply cd-r disc hundreds of thousands secret diplomacy notes. Edward Snowden was just an outsourced contractor when he took files that even congressmen didn’t know they’d existed. Strange, that nobody didn’t hacked prism yet…
We cannot change the past, bu we can protect our privacy starting today by choosing some good software, check out: https://prism-break.org/



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