fifth estate :(

I saw The Fifth Estate yesterday – rather underwhelming have to confess. The whole story is if Julian Assange is an autistic asshole, stinky asshole or just an asshole. Hard to believe that one can make such boring film about such exciting moments in our history. Looks like producers don’t really care about values that WikiLeaks stands for or don’t get it.

I know, it is not easy to ‘sell’ freedom. Freedom in real life must deal with other values like equality, responsibility, justice, sometimes life itself. And its opposition is not lack of freedom but security. And security is essential to our happiness. That’s why so called war against terrorism is fantastic reason to take away our freedoms like privacy or right to fair judgment. But it is only an illusion that we get something in return. Oh, no, the authorities just go more and more powerful and more and more alienated. More they knew about us and more they can do without asking for permission – more they are out of reach of our control. Fortunately some people understood it quite early and worked hard to give us safe harbors in cyberspace by developing encryption. Assange knew that it may be very useful not just for individuals but also for societies. His idea was that in every organization must be at least one person who still care about bigger things. He knew that all s/he need is safe place to leak what s/he knew and the power will be striped.

Producers tried to show us fairly each side of the conflict: Assange, Berg, USA officials,. But real heroes of the story are informers, like Chelsea Manning, who was merely mentioned in the movie.

Because WikiLeaks was invented to support contemporary righteous among nations, ordinary people who just can’t stand injustice, crime and exploitation, and impunity of the wealthy and powerful. People who want to give us back our freedom.

Really, it is not so hard.



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