downloading is caring

This month I was taking part into the debate about downloading of movies. It was during the Tofifest Film Festival. My point was that we should worry less about how big business will survive if people continue downloading, instead we should focus on development of civil society. So if we have to judge what is right way of using culture the commons should be our leading star. I was trying to put the issue of the meeting in context of constitutional liberties (art. 73 of Polish Constitution) and human rights declaration (art. 27).
Also watchdoging the language of the debate, for example pointing that there is no such thing  in Polish law as illegal source of culture. While there is nothing wrong in promoting authorized sources of cultural content, no one should suggest there is some cultural darknet where people sneaking in to watch Last tango in Paris. In Poland always downloading and watching streaming are legal and people shouldn’t be ashamed or threatened for such activity. And that only illegal content in Poland is child pornography and Mien Kampf ;)
All panelists agreed that monopoly lasting 70 years after death of an author is an absurd and should be shortened.
I really enjoy such activity :-)



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